The Look of Your Parking Lot Leaves an Impression

Make sure it's a good one by getting asphalt sealcoating in Lansing, MI

As a business owner, it's important to keep your parking lot in excellent condition. No customer wants to drive their car through a rough, beat-up lot. Capital Asphalt LLC offers everything from asphalt sealcoating services to crack repairs in Lansing, MI.

If you need a new parking lot, you can rely on us for installation services. We'll make sure your lot has proper pavement markings, so parking will be easy for your visitors and employees.

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How to maintain your lot

How to maintain your lot

Maintaining your lot will show customers that you take pride in your business. We can help you keep up your parking lot by:

  • Applying asphalt sealcoating to refresh your lot's color
  • Repainting pavement markings whenever they fade
  • Patching cracks and holes to improve driving conditions

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